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Web Developer - Software Engineer - Automation Guru


About Me

I have been working professionally with web development since 2012 (I started to mess with it earlier than that). Since then I have been gathering experience using web markup language such as HTML and even XML. Also very familiar with JavaScript as in Vanilla, JQuery and server-side options such as NodeJS. The tool I have been using since the beginning was PHP and Java Secure Page (JSP) however, my higher experience are in HTML, JS (using Node or not) and PHP. I have developed tools in Java for desktops and lately have been in the Android development side of Java. Have been working with C# and Razr as web development with experience in big companies.

My main focus right now for projects are in the development side, since I have a long history of working with web development side of things, but working with so many tools have helped me to understand deep down how things work on the back side, helping me to develop another skillset such as testing. I have started as manual tester, but with knowledge in the programming side, I could develop automated tests with ease. I have been in the Automation Testing side of things since 2015, and am currently working as Automation Engineer for a multinational company since 2018. Using tools such as Selenium and Selenoid, I have been doing not only Unit tests, but integration tests as well.

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Cash Swap

Cash Swap is a simple currency converter that provides two different services, it provides the page where it is very simple and intuitive where the user can just see the direct conversion to the desired conversion and also provides a WebService where anyone could request and get the desired currency converted in JSON as response. Built with HTML, EJS, Express, PostgreSQL and NodeJS. It also provides a service where the user can subscribe to a currency and get daily updates on the currency price.

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Messji is a Native Android app created for the BYU-I's Software Design and Development (CS 246) class. It is a prototype messaging app that allows the user to send 100 characteres/day amongst all contacts. The limit is to regular characters, sending emojis, however, is unlimited. Not only that, but every day of the week there is a daily deal happening, where if you send a certain emoji you'd get a bonus for your characters count, making it more fun to send and receive a certaing emoji. The app is a prototype and it is not FULLY functional, but the app works and does what it was intended to. Built in Java, for Android 6.0 or above. The App was created under the mentorship of Justin Mockler (see his profile here)

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This very portfolio you are looking at. This is a simple page that is basically static. The contact form sends an email to me, so you can contact me and get things done! Built with HTML, EJS, Express and NodeJS.

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Socket.io Example

This is a Socket.io example I created. It handles the connections and submission of forms. The page does not save any data that's input and submitted. The new connections and post requests are received and emitted to all connected users. This was created using JavaScript, based on NodeJS using EJS for renderization and using the Socket.io library. I have worked with this library for years and used it for web chats and other things that uses live transmission. (like, telling if the store is currently open or not, prices for currencies, etc).

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This is a managing system that allows users in a given apartment complex to reserve the lounge/clubhouse. It is also possible to add and edit the users in the system. It is a simple web application that was used as a college project for a Web Engineering (CS 313) class in BYU-I. The page handles sessions and stores data in a relational database. Built with HTML, PHP and PostgreSQL.
Admin email: henrique.tedeschi@gmail.com
User email: ac.libero@cursusnonegestas.edu

The password for both users is: password

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Private Projects

And many other closed and private projects. Worked with large, medium and small companies. I am used to work in team and get things done within deadlines.


Ayla Said Yes

This is my wedding website! I can't publish the GitHub repo here for security matters, but I am sure you will get the point and visualize what you need by visiting the website. The page has a high score in SEO Audit. I used NodeJS and MongoDB for the information of invites and RSVP.

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